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I want to share with you, a story… There was a girl. She was on a deep, deep journey. She did not know it. Of course the proper signs for her to know that she was indeed on this deep … Continue reading

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The trees in Union Square park are saying something- Deep, In their expressions, They pose in the most extravagant ways- Each branch a diva in its own right. Homes to creatures that have survived the test of time, they don’t … Continue reading

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שפתי תפתך

It’s Love at first sight. The sunlight shines on a rock, warming it with the power and fuel that has traveled thousands of years in time to get to this very moment. Wind stirs a mighty friction, dancing on the … Continue reading

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אני מאמין

From my Journal, 1/10/12: The Sun, the Grass and the tall trees lure me in. I feel comfortable out here, sitting on some dirt, with the sun’s awesome and holy rays blanketing my entire existence. This is the scenery from … Continue reading

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