I want to share with you, a story…

There was a girl. She was on a deep, deep journey. She did not know it. Of course the proper signs for her to know that she was indeed on this deep journey were all there. People loved her; she adored them. She saw things, in the people, in their faces. She saw entire histories, entire lineages; that magical fiber that is always leading to the eternal present. She saw. She knew. And yet.

She had no idea. Why dreams came to her while bumping into a stranger on the street. She had no idea why music was something she saw and tasted. Why colors felt like warm hugs and sounded like symphonies. Why she fell in love at least twenty times a day. an hour. a minute. a moment. She had no idea. And yet.

One soft morning when the day stood still and her mind was without, the song of dreams and the dream of songs both crossed her path. She sat, under a tree, as they told the story that is always being told. The song of dreams sat on one branch and whispered to her, much like the wind when it rustles through the leaves, “I Know you.”  And the dream of songs curled around the trunk of the tree, much like the pattern of the path a squirrel takes as it scurries back to its resting place. The dream of songs, soundless, was saying, “This is your dream. This is your song.”

Suddenly, she would awaken.

Connection and feeling; empathy and Love- her journey. She was, is and will always be sent here, to this beautiful planet, to take the journey she was meant for. To bring others together. To feel the infinite love and light all around. To keep the heart pumping and the hands touching. To dance the rhythm of synchronicity and to know the greatest secret of all time and to live out this secret and pass the mysterious message on to others.

Her name, is Grace.

Do you feel her?

In your life, in your moments and visions and dreams and songs?

She is there- Grace is there- helping you along. She tastes like sweet mangos. She laughs like the harmonious mystical sound of Om. She feels like a hug from the person you love more than anything. She sings with a voice that rivals the roar of a lion, the clapping on a tabletop and the sweet giggle of a child. She’s here. Grace is here. To keep the heart pumping.

The heartbeat Everlasting dances in, with, among Grace.

You – close your eyes. Feel and hear your heartbeat. Feel Grace. She’s there. On the journey. With. You.


About doriellebrooke

I am (and you are) one part of a very large and lovely whole. (we will continue to) Contribute incessantly to that whole, ensuring the Return that we all long for.
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