“Fill up!,” She says-

but what does that even mean?

Fill up on the information around you

Beer, booze, books, just fill yourself

Until you can no longer receive,

Until you feel the will to achieve-

Until something inside your Soul stirs,

and whispers, “the time in time is NOW”


Crack a shell and sparks fly out,

Master a pose and smiles spill out,

Outside in, Inside out-

The point is NOT to fill yourself with doubt.

Flood the streets with money &

Flood your heart with honey.

Love in grace and grace in love,

know that all of Creation is sent from above.

Dance in your song and sing in your dance,

Take the risk and TAKE the chance,

Drink good beer and eat good Fruit,

Listen to good music – taboot taboot  🙂


Rejoice in the Torah – you heard me right!

Fear not the darkness, seek only the light.

Be only here now, for it’s all we have-

and if ‘here’ hurts find a new ave.

G-d is faithful and that’s a fact,

Don’t worry about details, they’re all in tact.

Just love and LOVE and LOVE some more,

Just LOVE yourself and your Core.

Find that one special person who was made for You,

and say thanks to the stars for what they do.

Magic can happen – it’s true okay?

Don’t for a second think that love must decay.

It stays around like the dust in your room,

It finds a way to give your life a sonic BOOM.

You gotta have faith – what else you got?

Your looks, maybe, but spiritual it is not.

Go with the flow and say YES to chance,

For you never know what it could enhance.

An adventure there- a trip around the block,

You just never know what this could unlock!


An ode to yoga: stretch and remember to breathe,

For your body, you know, you will never leave.

Or it does, okay, but not for a while.

So why not see life as a Child?

Just laugh and for god’s sake – SING,

And only to your Soul must you cling.

Life is a mystery not to figure out-

a game with no end, no final SHOUT.

I’ve said it once, he’ll say it again,

Just LOVE and love and LOVE my friend!

It’s all we’ve got, it’s all we do-

Pour yourself into the magic Goo.

The fiber of the Universe, the gift of the world,

is to love all beings – even the absurd.


Just carve a space in body and mind,

That serves to inspire and always remind,

find your soulmate – it’s in your cards,

for we all are broken shards,

from the one piece of art that created us all-

who let us explore but never fall.

We are all here to find the one for us,

so that broken Hearts we never have to discuss.

Find that one, no matter the place,

No matter the gender, no matter the race.

Just find them and love them and always say,

“Now that I have you please don’t go away,

For you are from the same Star as me,

you’re here to help my soul to See.

The infinite beauty this world has to give, you give it to me,

and I need it to Live.”


Say this first to yourself of course-

recite and Sing this til your voice is hoarse,

cry out to the Heavens with all of your glory,

so that the eternal Star may share your story.

And just once more- so you don’t forget,

simply love and LOVE and your love will be met ❤


About doriellebrooke

I am (and you are) one part of a very large and lovely whole. (we will continue to) Contribute incessantly to that whole, ensuring the Return that we all long for.
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