Illuminating the Body inside the Mind

This past weekend I attended a live concert/painting session at Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom with Alex Grey and an assortment of featured artists that will be performing at this year’s Sonic Bloom Festival in Georgetown, CO. Unmistakeably famous for it’s tripped out electronica lineup, and located in a secluded enough town, this festival’s reputation seems to be that it definitely delivers in intensity, art, and transcendent experience. I attended the show in a haphazard manner as I do most Cervantes’ events, and I have to say I was absolutely blown away. Alex Grey’s art was hung up through various parts of the venue and lights were fixated on each picture so that as the beats of the music changed, so did the light spectrum on each featured painting.

One of Alex Grey's great masterpieces


This experience was psychedelic enough to enhance many concertgoers experiences that evening. However, each attendee was treated to a bonus trip; Alex Grey stood along each DJ/band and painted live as we danced and shared in this cosmic grooves. The energy was thick, the crowd was roaring and everyone knew their sense of reality and perception was about to be seriously altered.

Though the music was intense with wide and vast bass drops infused with live percussion, it was really the art that provided entertainment for the night. I go to a lot of shows at Cervantes and I have never seen it so packed and so alive and filled with cosmic energy. The vibes were ones that struck the crowd with acceptance and confidence in the Nature of the Universe. It was a great time had by all and I’m so glad I decided last minute to attend.

Concerts serve as a portal. But this portal has no abilities if one cannot fit it into context. We need supplemental materials that explain to our consciousness why we behave the way we do in the presence of music or art. The book that has inspired me to indulge in such wondrous ways of the Universe and in the Self, is called Power Up Your Brain: The Neuroscience of Enlightenment and is co-authored by a Neuro-scientist and a PhD. The PhD, Alberto Villoldo, happens to have an assortment of published works out and lectures regularly on the topic of Healing the Light Body/Illumination through Shamanic Practices. I decided to dive deeper into healing my light body and did more research on Villoldo’s work. As it turns out, and as the Universe is, he lectures regularly using Alex Grey’s artworks to display the topics Villoldo accurately describes in his work. This fusion of visual and literary art has taken mine, as well as many in the collective’s, consciousness expansion to new levels.

I encourage all of you to look at Alex Grey’s art and really examine the message he is trying to get across, on every level. He obviously has a deep passion for illumination, creation, partnership, spiritual enlightenment, and all things under the cosmic Sun.


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I am (and you are) one part of a very large and lovely whole. (we will continue to) Contribute incessantly to that whole, ensuring the Return that we all long for.
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