Transcendant Art and Lauryn Hill

No matter how disconnected the person, every single human can at least admit that the form of expression in Art is that of the unworldly or outside of the ‘reality’ that we know.

Art comes from inspiration deep within oneself. Whether it be an exterior event, or an interior “out of body” thought experience, the art that the artist creates is not necessarily just for an outer audience approval. The satisfaction of an inner audience within the artist’s soul is truly where the code of approval must come from. That which awakens and takes on the form of actual physical matter through artistic expression acts as a vessel for Light, acts as a portal for Energy, acts as a gateway to the Soul.

Art: The Language of the Gods

This is the cover of an incredible book I'm reading!

Yes yes, something we all know. Okay, so it’s nothing new. And yes, it’s nothing less than remarkable. I’ve been reading this book lately called Art: The Language of the Gods that explains deep significance in art throughout the ancient civilizations and today. The story is written and told by a visual artist. Henry Rednick traveled to different periods of time through deep meditation practices and discovered many Universal truths about the Planet, Art and the Great Spirit. I found it at this great bookstore here in Denver called The Shining Lotus! If you’re in the Denver area, I highly recommend you check this place out. This book outlines the concentric circles of patterns and ideas that weave Art into one big vessel for cosmic energy. Rednik, a lover of nature and ancient civilization, begins to peel back layers of societal norms to expose the infections of our artistic wounds.

Incidentally, this past weekend I attended my first ever Lauryn Hill concert. Wow. What to even say? Her music is incredibly uplifting and jam-packed with spiritual guidance and messages. Having grown up with Lauryn Hill as a household name, I was very comfortable in this sort of concert setting. But what was new about revisiting this beautiful artist’s repertoire was the evidence that she had been through a major spiritual transformation. I felt truly blessed to have stumbled upon her show and plug-in and join the cosmic energy of the night. Although she makes herself pretty inaccessible to the public and does not go on stage until rather late, it’s all done with extreme purpose. As a fellow woman I have to say I understand to a large extent. Ms. Hill does not feel the need to sell herself in order to make her career what she wants it to be. Rather, her approach to the spiritual portal of Music is to rearrange people’s focus to not be on the artist but rather the artist’s message. Because she is quite possibly one of the most stunningly beautiful female artists out there today she has to shield herself from the public “aesthetic eye of approval” so as not suggest her fans to obsess over her looks and image. She’s touched with such grace and beauty, her music is so unbelievably empowering and full of the Spirit that I can only one day hope to possess the way she does.

Capturing the essence of music

Lovely Artist

You should all check her out and the book mentioned above. But really, I ask all of you to open your minds to the beauty and true essence in every single piece of art or creation out there… there is meaning behind everything even if the intent wasn’t there in the first place. For just as the sand dunes reflect the wind that has combed them back and forth, making imprints and impressions that leave the memory of the wind’s passing, we are all reflections of the matter and energy that moves across us. Furthering this energy into the creations we make is an inevitable part of the process of Creation. Anywhere from computers to art to paper to businesses to food there is Oneness, within spirit within spirit possessing the matter that takes up this Space. We ought to be very thankful for such a miracle to exist 😀


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I am (and you are) one part of a very large and lovely whole. (we will continue to) Contribute incessantly to that whole, ensuring the Return that we all long for.
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