You’ll just go on an Oblivious Fool

The terrible thing about hell 
Is that when you're there you can't even tell 
As you move through this life you love so 
You could be there and not even know 
But you say so what I'm doing just fine 
The irony is that it's all in your mind 
And that's why hell is so vicious and cruel- 
But you'll just go on an oblivious fool

Life is such a gift, it really is. Like any good, special present, of course, the gift of life comes with serious challenges that can make you call to question all reasons why you deserve such a gift. Life can trick you into thinking your worthless, when it is our innate human nature to understand our existence as of deep worth for the Earth and other humans.

This weekend I went to two performances of the Disco Biscuits at the Ogden Theatre. Needless to say this was an enlightening experience. No, i’m not talking about the psychedelic trip, sunshine and butterflies kind of enlightenment, i’m talking about that sort of realization that comes to you so hard it feels like the coldest wind of winter slowly whooshing across your face, filling every pore of your skin with a chilling and thrilling awakening.  It is impossible to ignore such a realization.

Yes, it’s reassuring to know that when one is able to really understand their experiences in Life with deep meaning, it can serve as the biggest reminder that there is a Oneness among everything. What’s disturbing is when you meet someone who doesn’t know this value, who really doesn’t value their life at all. Yes, there are people that do not understand the privilege of breathing and sharing this cosmic Air. Rather, they perceive their existence as their own self-destructive path to depression and loneliness. This person could easily be surrounded by great friends, great family, great environments filled with passionate music and soul-provoking experiences and still not value a single thing about their life. How do you deal with someone like this? Or is that even the question to raise? It is impossible to pull someone out of a serious hole they dug for themselves full of booze, drugs and hateful words.

To those of you who prefer to self-destruct over self-repair, just please try not to blow-up around too many of the good people that are working to fix your brokenness; the toxic radiation of self-pity that will pour out from your explosion is dangerously contagious.


About doriellebrooke

I am (and you are) one part of a very large and lovely whole. (we will continue to) Contribute incessantly to that whole, ensuring the Return that we all long for.
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