Soul live, Live Soul, and the ‘Inside Out’ tone of December.

Last week, I took a friend from out of town to see Soulive at Cervantes’ masterpiece ballroom in Denver. They performed their album of Beatles’ covers, Rubber Soulive. It was super funky! Though the show was advertised as a tribute to their renditions of Beatles’ songs, the  band did not limit themselves to the  British mop-tops’ melodies, which was a real treat. The band clearly has a tight dynamic connection between drums, bass and guitar that brings funk and jams back to its original jazzy-space-funk form, a nice change from the recent electronically based funk bands that have been circling the Denver scene. My best friend came in from out of town and it was a real treat to show her such funked out pockets of the city. The venue, Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom, is a favorite among friends due to its seemingly never crowded audiences paired with good vibes and smiles among the crowd.

I traveled to DC earlier this past week to attend a College summit for students involved in advocating for Israel. Met a bunch of cool people that re-assured me Jews/Israel lovers are just the coolest. Anyway, I’m supposed to be getting on a flight to Israel tomorrow morning but it’s looking like that will not be happening due to severe weather in New York City. They are calling for 11-16 inches of snow 😦 . Hopefully I will at least be able to make it to New York with the rest of the trip. We shall see…

December is a weird month, full of disappointment and surprises. It is certainly not a time for love to flourish, but also not a time to turn your back on loved ones. As I tie up loose-ends and look forward to the end of a crazy decade, I am so thankful for all that has been brought to me. Ten years ago I certainly would not have imagined all that I accomplished. It’s bittersweet to look back and reflect on events in the first decade of the 21st century. To everyone I have met and loved, you mean something to me I can’t really explain in words. To g!d, the spark inside my soul, thanks for never giving up on me. I’m ready for the next decade of lessons you have to teach me. I hope to acknowledge more each moment, fully and freely in life.

"If you would stop and notice that we number every day 
But allow the many moments left uncounted slip away 
You dont have to count them, just enjoy them one by one 
And things would take a different hue and sparkle in the sun 
The winds would lift you up into the sky."

About doriellebrooke

I am (and you are) one part of a very large and lovely whole. (we will continue to) Contribute incessantly to that whole, ensuring the Return that we all long for.
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