Dwight K. Schrute – Bahai Worshipper, Middle Eastern Mystic.

Rainn Wilson, star of NBC’s The Office is making a pilgrimage trip to Israel next week with his wife! They are both members of the Bahai religion, a beautiful spirituality that relies heavily on the influence of nature and beautiful surroundings. The Bahai religion also stresses the importance of pilgrimages to beautiful, holy gardens that the followers of this Spirit have designated as Shrines. These Shrines can be found throughout the Earth, and moreover the Universe. Perhaps one of the most beautiful of these shrines, and places in all of Israel in general are the Bahai gardens located in Haifa, a major city of the country. Blooming with layers upon layers of luscious green, yellow, and reds the garden is a gateway to spiritual experiences. The gardens are centered in an area of the country that could be defined as the most peaceful spot by certain standards. Citizens of Arab descent that decided to remain in Israel under Jewish governance live freely and peacefully next to their Jewish neighbors throughout the Carmel region, rejoicing in the appreciation and understanding for this pocket of Land.

I am so excited for Rainn to return to Israel and shed that much more light onto this spiritually lit nation. He said in his blog that he loves Israel so i’m assuming he has been before.

I have been to Israel three times and will be returning for my fourth trip in less than two weeks! Honestly I believe that Israel is the last place on Earth where g!d is. I haven’t been to the fares corners of the Universe, so I might be making some overarching assumptions but I don’t really care. The land of Israel is truly, truly magical. The moments of spiritual clarity that I have tapped into while being in that country are ones that have ripped apart false notions of what it means to be ‘somebody’. Israel awakens my soul.

^Taken from the beach in Tel Aviv, Israel by myself.

I’m delighted to know that amidst all of the superficial gains in Rainn’s life, his spiritual core has grounded him in the experience of life. Food for thought…


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